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It is the 25th century. A time of war. The discover of Shade Dust had redefined humanity in unfathomable ways. Hundreds of planets in the galaxy have been claimed. The technological advancements have been the greatest human kind has ever seen.


With the discovery of Shade came a mystery. With the ability to harness it, power.  It is both fuel and currency.


No longer does it take decades to travel between stars, but mere days. Shade Dust can be used as a catalyst to open portals into The Void. The journey, assuming you don't get lost, takes only days to reach a suitable exit point, saving decades in travel.


The first major faction to wield the power nearly crushed all opposition in a matter of weeks.  If not for Dynamus' already vast forces and industrial nature, it would have fallen to the Astras Empire.  Deadlocked, both factions war on, reaping as much Shade as they can.  Legally this can only be done at farms, harvesting from lower forms of life.  The dark grey area comes when these factions harvest from more complex organisms to fuel the war machine.


Living organisms naturally generate Shade, but they must be killed to extract it. Although all forms of life can be harvested for Shade, more complex organisms yield higher levels. This is one reason so many consider Shade the physical manifestation of the Soul. 


Where will you stand in the conflict?  Dynamus special forces operations take on robust military installations, shutting down factories.  Astras spies turn the tides of war behind enemy lines.  Independent factions send paramilitary in to liberate entire planets from illegal shade farming.  Megacorporation's try to dominate the markets.  Explorers head out into the unknown, discovering ancient ruins, charting anomalies, and sometimes coming face to face with the Turak.  Adventure awaits.

Nothin' down here bro....

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